Learning How to Dress In Bangkok Using the Bangkok Dress


You must have heard of Bangkok, one of the developed cities in the Southeast Asia and is the capital of Thailand. Beside its rich culture, there is one more thing that is often missed from the public view; that is Bangkok dress. Some of you might think that it is a dress that is made ​​in Bangkok. That may be true, but the term refers to the people in Bangkok way of dressing. People living in Bangkok, either locals or the tourists who were spending the holiday in Bangkok, usually only wear a T-shirt and shorts; some are even wearing the sleeveless shirts. If you are aware, it happens because the temperature in Bangkok that can reach 40 degrees during the day. This kind of dressing can be said as Bangkok dress. There is no single person who made ​​a deal that they will be wearing T-shirts or sleeveless shirts with pants for their daily activities: but the fact is more than 70% of people living in Bangkok are wearing it. Another thing that makes it more unique is the fact that not only the teens that are wearing it, but also the old people, both men and women.


You may often notice the habits of the Western people who are wearing nice shirts or suits and blazers when they go to work. In Bangkok, it only applies to small portion communities. The Bangkok dress also affects the way they dress in many occupations. If you ever notice, in Bangkok, not a few people who use a short skirt to work. What should be underlined here is the fact that they are using the lounge designs instead of the formal designs.

Bangkok Dress


Bangkok dress at the temples

Bangkok is famous for its many cultural sites, especially the temples, which are still well preserved until today. To honor the culture that is still maintained, many temples in Bangkok that require the visitors to dress properly. This way of dressing can also be said as Bangkok dress. Proper here means to cover some parts of the body such as the shoulders and knees. You are allowed to wear any kind of clothes with many styles as long the clothes that you wear is covering your knees and shoulders. If you are already wearing shorts and singlet, then you can cover it with a jacket and sarong. Not a few temples that are renting the sarong to cover your knees if you have already wearing a short. After knowing what it was Bangkok dress, would you try it?