Bangkok Dress As the Identity of the Locals in Bangkok


Surely you know Bangkok. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Besides its status as the capital city, Bangkok is also famous as the largest tourist cities in Thailand because it has so many cultural sites. For those of you who have been to Bangkok, have you ever heard the Bangkok dress? It can mean a lot of things. Not a few people are thinking that this is the dress that is made ​​in Bangkok. The definition is not wrong, but a more precise definition for this term is the local’s dressing style in Bangkok. Although there is no definitive standard for the dressing style in Bangkok, the natural conditions and the culture there was that indirectly affect local residents dress style in Bangkok.


The Bangkok dress can be affected by two things, the first is the natural condition and the second is the place where you are. Bangkok is one of few cities in South East Asia which can be said as the hottest city. The temperature in Bangkok during the day can reach up to 40 degrees. This is what makes the locals in Bangkok choose to pair a short with a shirt without sleeves for their daily activities. This dressing style can be said as Bangkok dress; the ways of locals in Bangkok are dressing.


The second thing that affects the way the locals dressed in Bangkok is the culture. As we know, Bangkok is one city that has a lot of cultural heritage. In Bangkok you can also find many temples. The number of cultural sites and also the cultural elements that exist in Bangkok also indirectly affect the Bangkok dress. For anyone who wants to visit the temple in Bangkok, either the locals or the international tourists, they have to follow the rules; primarily from the way of dressing. Every temple in Bangkok has its own rules about the way of dressing. Generally it can be described that you should not enter the temple in Bangkok if you wear clothes that do not cover your shoulders or knees. If you are already wearing singlet or short, you can tricked this by wearing a jacket to cover your shoulder. You can even borrow a sarong in some temples to hide your knees when you wore a short. This kind of culture can be said as the Bangkok dress. In addition to honor the existing culture, it is also done as an identity of the locals in Bangkok.